How We Play Together

How We Play Together
A fun song helping kids learn how to play together.

How We Play Together

We're a Team
A learning song teaching the importance of teamwork.

Early Childhood

Bill Hooper has been performing original childrens songs in the Midwest for almost thirty years, including, many shows for Early Childhood programs. Here’s why these shows have been a source of education and entertainment for Early Childhood students, teachers and parents.

  • Mr. Hooper’s songs address many of the primary goals of Early Childhood Education, namely, counting and math skills, social and emotional development, respect for others, science and nature awareness, cognitive skills and lots of fun and safe gross motor activities. Mr. Hooper's first two CDs are reflected in the Illinois Early Learning Standards. View the charts here. Let's Dance and Play & Silly Little Ostrich
  • Performances are always slower paced, gentle and calming, perfect for students who aren’t that comfortable with new situations. The songs are musically and rhythmically engaging, drawing in even the most reluctant participants.
  • Mr. Hooper’s music offers learning moments at many different levels of cognitive ability, ideal for the wide range of children in Early Childhood. And the songs are funny, with many surprise endings that delight children (and more than a few teachers)

Reasonably priced live shows for any occasion are offered as well as CDs. You can hear song samples in the CD section of this website A worksheet showing the various educational uses of each song is offered free to Early Childhood programs with CD purchase.

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"These are just delightful songs. I love that they are all about 'imitation'...ECE teachers who work with a variety of populations will just love these and his other songs."

Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D.
Autism Spectrum Program-Department of Special Education
San Francisco State University